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Military Car Shipping

Military Car Shipping

Military Car Shipping- For Reliable and Time bound Services

We understand military shipping like no other and go the extra mile to bring a smile to the faces of our military personnel. To enjoy Fast Car Ship Military Car Shipping Services, you can check our car shipping quotes to determine how we aim to make a difference in your move. You can fill in all the details on our cost calculator window and input details that help us to understand more about your Personally Owned Vehicle (POV), like the make, brand, location, relocation station, etc. It would be best to choose a shipment type like the Enclosed Car Shipping Services or standard shipping solutions. We use this to give you the best auto-ship quotes.


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Military vehicle shipment types

We offer cheap Vehicle Shipping for all shipping forms, like Open Car Shipping Services and Enclosed Car Transport.

You can move forward with the following vehicles –

  • Personally procured move or PPM – The government helps to reimburse your expenses on car transport companies. This includes the packaging and moving expenses. However, you need to handle the entire shipping process yourself.
  • Government-recognized company – With this choice, the government will cover the cost of one of your POVs, and the military will make necessary steps to ensure shipments.

Car Shipping Services

Does Fast Car Ship services help to ship to military bases?

At Fast Car Ship, we work on offering door-to-door shipping services to all our shipments. For military shipping, we go a step ahead and are ready to pick up your vehicle at your designated location. This can be your military base or any other area. For serving military personnel, we offer additional discounts and special promotions. However, we will require you to provide details about our upcoming military assignment. We will also require you to share the location requirements, date, and time frame of the shipments

How do you prepare your vehicle for shipment?

You must share details like these to ensure safe and secure shipment –
  • Your vehicle details – the make and model, identification number, etc.
  • Car insurance policy and coverage details,
  • Your military Identification details
  • Drivers licence,
  • Proof of operations
  • POV shipment documents
  • Proof of vehicle ownership, including legal title and vehicle registration
  • Any other details?
Once you book with us, our experts will offer military station pickup and discuss your best ways to ensure shipments. You can also discuss the situation with your military base commander so that we can help you narrow the gap between the delivery and offer you ease of service.

Our impeccable services for all your needs

We understand the challenges of the military lifestyle and put additional efforts to ensure that your vehicle reaches your destination quickly and efficiently. We also offer affordable shipping for your other cars so that you enjoy easy savings and value. This is why we are rated as the best military shipping service in the industry. Our fantastic company-owned vehicle fleet helps reduce the gap between shipping and delivery.
With us, you find the best shipping experience in quality, service, and efficiency. We assure you that your vehicle will reach your destination quickly and safely.